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GD113-C IP55 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
CO Dedectors


SD3 GD113-C Carbon Monoxide Detector for Industrial Application


  • Gas detectors GD113C range consists on conventional detectors that use new generation of semi-conductors: more sensitive and more accurate in sampling, better stability in time, better rapidity for response, and poor sensitivity regarding humidity.
  • Moreover, a performing electronic of control minimizes consumptions; this makes GD1xxxC range detectors adaptable for intermediate/large size installations. Gas detectors of the GD100C range are dedicated to tertiary and industrial applications.
  • They have been submitted to the tests certifying their compliance with standards Housed in a metal box IP55, all reference of gas detectors GD1xxC range also exists in addressable version (see dedicated datasheet).
  • GD1-RELE optional board makes possible to adapt any conventional GD1xxC gas detector to other non-SD3 panels by allowing the use on the gas detector of relays to repeat the information of Alarm, Pre-alarm and fault. Alarm and pre-alarm concentration and delays can be modified with the optional programming tool PRG-GAS.


Price : On Request - In Stock.

Gas Type : Carbon Monoxide
Supply Voltage : 12V DC - 28V DC
Quiescent current at 24V at 12V : 8mA 16mA
Material : Dust proof metal
Alarm Current : @24V 60 mA +/- 2 mA
Pre-Alarm : @24V 30 mA +/- 2 mA
IP Rating : IP55
Programmable pre alarm/alarm factory thresholds
(in LEL: Lower Explosive limit or in PPM: parts per million)
100ppm - 200ppm
Dimensions : H:145, W:100, D:60
Working Temperature : 0°C … 45°C
Weight : 360Gr.


Carbon Monoxide Detector for Car Parks
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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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